Providing our guests with an outstanding experience in a warm and welcoming place where they can enjoy the best of bar food with a wonderful ocean view and excellent musicians, where everyone is welcome to enjoy Brazilian regional art and culture.

Cliente feliz na Casa do SambaAqui

Seek recognition in the cultural and gastronomic scope, in order to reach the local public, the national and international tourist with the mission to represent the community where we are inserted.

Caldo da Casa do SambaAqui

To cherish: honesty, ethics, "darling", humility, empathy, professionalism, proactivity, plurality. To be a cultural reference and to love what we do.

Cliente feliz na Casa do SambaAqui2

A casa da cultura brasileira

Transformar algumas horas numa experiência marcante, trazer a cultura brasileira para perto dos nossos clientes. Essa é a marca da Casa do SambaAqui. Durante todos esses anos, lançou novos músicos, formou bandas, gravou, divulgou e transmitiu, tornando-se a casa do encontro das artes. 

Sempre Inovando com novos projetos, artistas, decorações, ações, produções e cardápios, mas cultivando a sua essência: valorizar a cultura brasileira sem perder os laços com o seu local de origem, a Ilha de Desterro.


The history of Casa do SambaAqui is mixed with the history of samba and also forró in this little piece of paradise by the sea.

The samba in our House started as almost every samba circle: A circle of friends that gained pace and appreciation, but did not lose it’s essence. This group of friends started rehearsing on a newly built stage and looking forward to their first show. We are talking about the year 2013, when not even the witch Firinfinfélia, nor the ox taáta dared to descend these stairs to enjoy this party.

A year later, in 2014, these friends followed the dream of promoting music and culture giving opportunities to those other bands and musicians who produced magic songs in the island and who were eager to show their work. Thus were born the two main projects of this House, which later became a pub.

From 2013 to 2016, several bands, singers, instrumentalists and composers of Santa Catarina’s samba came to know the stages of the House invited by the project "Samba de Raiz in the House of SambaAqui". From 2017 onwards, several changes were made, and the project "Samba Circle of the House" was born, which innovated by bringing elements of the pagode circles and high party of Rio. With a resident band that had roots in African drumbeats and the drums of the island's samba schools, it was a success throughout the year 2017. It went through a lot of modifications (band formation, day, schedule, promotions, among others) definitely in recess in the month of October 2017. Preparations were beginning for the greatest transformation of this project. Transformation, that happened January 2018, when she left the incubator towards the most beloved stage of that island. And it came into the hands of none other than Wagner Segura.


Thus came the project: "From Choro to Samba with Wagner Segura", which took place on Fridays at 9:30 p.m., with the proposal to reconstitute the idea of ​​choro and its aspects. Wagner invited great musicians already known in the circles of samba and choro of the island and also revelations hand-picked by the artist to take to the stage. The project had its closing party on 10/26/2018, when Wagner had to travel to comply with his other personal goals.

Forró met Casa do SambaAqui in 2014, when the great forrozeiro and visionary Paulo César Cardoso presented the band Erva Rasteira to the staff of the House. A partnership was born that would last for years and that until today continues the leading guide the "Forró de Sambaqui".


The "Forró de Domingo" project came from the initial idea of ​​this partnership, where every Sunday trio Erva Rasteira (at the time composed by Henrique Soares, Marcos Lelê and Andrey Góes) went up the tiny stage, often accompanied by other invited musicians, whole bands, or cultural attractions, to bring much joy and sweat to the general public. Today, after a few years, the project changed its name, day, time and programming.


The name changed to "Forró de Sambaqui", the date changed to Saturday, the time changed to 10PM and the schedule varies between:

- The "Forró de Ponta À Ponta" every first Saturday of the month (in a special event that brings together the main musicians of several regional forró bands);

- The trio Erva Rasteira on the second Saturday of the month (with their renewed formation: Gabriel de Bem in the percussion, triangle and voice, Marcelo Besen in the accordion and Henrique Soares in the zabumba and voice);

- On the third Saturday of the month some of the most beloved bands of our regional scene (Mauê, Forró di Fulô, VamoQVamo, Quarteto Pé de Cabra, Jeito Paraíba, Cabrobró, Matheus Nogueira and band);

- Finally, on the last Saturday of the month trio Erva Rasteira brings an artist or guest band to go on stage in a captivating performance.


After much effort and dedication, Casa do SambaAqui has become one of the main references in forró houses in Santa Catarina and the most suitable place for those who like beach, forró, good music, dancing and fun.

At the present time the House no longer receives the exclusive title of Nightclub, becoming a Pub, it is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 16h.